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MG Regency Run

MG Sports Car and ownerThe annual Regency Run in May is organised jointly by the MG Car Club and the MG Owners' Club. It sets off from Brooklands Motor Museum, Weybridge.

The MG Owners' Club, formed in 1973, has an amazing 50,000 members, a glowing testimony to the "affordable British sports car" and the enthusiasm for it. Today, of course, MG is owned by China's Nanjing Motors.

You will see all sorts of MGs along Madeira Drive - from the 1920s to the present day, from the very classy to the nifty and sporty.

Events along Madeira Drive are subject to the vagaries of the English climate. The 2007 Regency Run suffered more than most from wind and rain. 2008 was sunny and warm.

The first four photographs in the gallery are from 2007, and the rest are from 2008.

MG Regency Photo Gallery


2015 Event: Sunday, 10 May



The MG Owners' Club




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