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pulling a land roverThe London to Brighton Land Rover Run is organised by the South London and Surrey Land Rover Club. The first run was organised in 1999 and the event has gone from strength to strength since then.

As with some other events, the starting point is Crystal Palace Park, where camping overnight is included in the entrance fee for the event.

As Madeira Drive proves, the need for some car owners to meet up with other drivers of their own kind is very strong. The Land Rover is oozing with charisma and character, and I should imagine that this event will go on growing - unless taxes on gas guzzlers go really high.

The 2006 Run
The 2006 London to Brighton Land Rover Run was a very well attended event. Land Rovers filled the Drive right up to Dukes Mound junction. In fact, they could have gone all the way to Black Rock. Instead, the organisers chose to have them parked two and three deep on the pavement, which gave the event a bit of a sardine atmosphere. (Yes, I know, they're off road vehicles!) One of the attractions of these events is the opportunity to move around and look at the mass of vehicles on display, and although the central roadway was free, blocking the pavements with parked cars was not a good idea.

Land Rover enthusiasts have adopted the motto: "One Life. Live It." It is an indication of just how much owning a Land River is seen as a lifestyle choice, a way of life, a philosophy of life. Let's face it, the Land Rover is not really at home in our densely packed urban environment.

How many Land Rover owners have really been 'on safari', I don't know, but from the evidence of the Brighton Run they all dream of it.

Echoing the One Life. Live It. motto, the London to Brighton Land Rover Run had the motto: One Run. Drive It.

Given the weather forecast for the weekend, the weather for the day was pretty good. The sun shone for most of the time. In fact, it was quite warm.

There weren't that many events for participants to get involved in once they'd arrived in Brighton. One was the Tug-a Land-Rover competition, which attracted many willing competitors.

One of the tug teams was announced as the only carbon-neutral Land Rover club in the country. The MC called for a round of applause. I didn't hear any - more of a guilty silence.

The day before, Saturday, September 30th. had been the VW Camper Van Run (The Brighton Breeze). Both vehicles, the Camper Van and the Land Rover, offer the promise of the open road and the great outdoors to their owners, but the first is somewhat homely while the second puts - in theory - the world at your accelerator pedal.



London to Brighton Land Rover Run 

2014 Event: Land Rover Run
Sunday, 5 October

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